Something strange at the Wollenmann House (who you gonna call?)

Ferdinand's very own Wollenmann House is being featured in a film project. Bryan Sanders (far right, looking rather Bill Murrayish along with cast members Bryan Harrison and Gina Moffett) and his brother Eric (not pictured, cameraman) are creating a film centered on a group of people investing and perhaps running from a ghost allegedly lodged inside the house. On Monday, the Wollenmann House assumed its temporary role of being an on-site location. Filming occurred both inside and out of the house from 11:30 a.m. until about 9 p.m.

The filmmakers learned of the Ferdinand treasure while surfing the Internet and contacted Indiana Landmarks who in turn contacted Diane Hoppenjans of TTHM Holdings, who granted use of the facility and grounds. Though details of the film remain sketchy and plot details may have been filmed out of sequence, what has been gleaned from the days activities is the group above arrive to investigate the mysterious "haunted" house. A later scene has them emerging from the house, making a rather quick get-away. According to Hoppenjans, the filmmakers expect to complete the film within a year.



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